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NewsTrust: putting the news in the people’s hands

NewsTrust is a tool which our Reinventing the News class had the privilege of being introduced to on Monday by Mike Labonte, a member of NewsTrust’s creating team.

NewsTrust is a site that allows readers of the news to review news articles of their choice. While users are encouraged to sign up with the service they are also given the option of posting anonymously. The rating is based on a series of questions concerned with the facticity, fairness, sourcing and how well written the article is, also asking readers if they recommend the article and how much they trust its source. Users also have the option of posting comments and opinions on the article, as well as being able to choose between short reviews and more in-depth reviews that simply ask more questions.

The reviews are then compiled and aggregated to make an overall review based on every users comments. You are also allowed to look at users individual reviews to break it down person by person. The result is a great aggregation of news articles that can direct you towards the best of the best of news articles.

NewsTrust is a great concept. I love the fact that the public is taking the initiative to think about the news they are reading, rather than just taking it for what it is. It is about time that people took responsibility for the news that they read.

But while NewsTrust is a great concept, there are still technical issues to be worked out. When I first signed up for NewsTrust, I took advantage of their option to link to your Facebook account. I felt that this was a very convenient option considering I didn’t have to fill out any forms or anything like that: it was basically instant.

However, this convenience proved to be disastrous. For one reason or another, the NewsTrust page, when linked with my Facebook, would continually refresh the page to the point that it rendered the site unusable. It was so bad to the point that I could not even log out of my account linked to Facebook, it would continually reload and I could not move forward. I even created a new account on another computer, but when I would try to log into my new account, it would automatically sign me back into the Facebook linked account, making my reviews in the other account inaccessible and making the use of the site a real pain. And don’t even dare have Facebook open in this case: again, it will automatically link to your Facebook account if it is open. Not to mention, my virus scan alerted me to a security threat from the site when I ws trying to fix the Facebook account issue.

Again, NewsTrust is a great site and a great concept, and I understand the use of Facebook links to for convenience. But honestly, if something doesn’t work (and I know that they are aware of the issue), stop offering the option until you’ve fixed it.

There are three stories that I posted and reviewed. You can find the rest of my reviews here. Also be sure to check out our class’ wiki.

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