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Tweeting events

So I tried out covering events on Twitter at a local Northeastern event last Friday. It was an event honoring Filippo and Maria Giudice, a husband-wife artist team that was displaying their “Tribute to John Lennon” project as  part of “Welcome to Our World” exhibit, sponsored by Northeastern University’s ISSI. It included a speech by the artists, a presentation by the two about their John Lennon Valley Project, and a question and answer session.

It was a great exhibit, but I didn’t really get a kick out of covering it using Twitter via my cell phone. It might have simply been the nature of the event, since there was not as much ‘action’ in this event as there was simply observing (it’s hard to Tweet about how you’re looking at a painting). I didn’t really think that I was able to cover the event as comprehensively as I would have liked to.

I also might have been more enjoyable for me if I had a BlackBerry or iPhone or some other kind of smart phone. My EnV didn’t really seem to be cut out for it.

Oh yeah, I also almost felt like people didn’t realize I was covering the show and presentation and thought I was just some college jerk and texting the whole time.

I did promise in my Tweets to post some pictures of the event. I will have those uploaded soon with descriptions of the event, so look out for those…

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