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My brand new Twitter account

Well, my record of not being on Twitter has officially been broken, but I’m not upset about it. There is a lot of great stuff on there, especially for someone like me whose passion is music and culture. It seems like almost every big artist out there has a Twitter feed (even Slash!); and coupled with the Twitter feeds of publications like Rolling Stone, Twitter makes it really easy to stay on top of the music scene. Here are 10 of the feeds I am following:











I’ve gotta say, there are two very different things that you get when you look at the publication Twitter feeds versus the artists’ Twitter feeds. If you are looking for events, music festivals, new releases, etc, it is best to look at the publications’ feeds. The artists, however, seem to be more self-promoting, Tweeting about their new albums, interests, songs that they are digging (Slash even tells us that he is trapped in a Spongebob Squarepants marathon). It definitely is entertaining, especially the artist’s Twitter feeds, and is also a great resource to stay on top of the latest music news and events.

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