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The great outdoors…indoors!

Being at home this weekend, I decided to go reconnect with an old favorite pastime of mine: fishing.

I headed over to the DCU center in Worcester to check out the 2010 Fishing and Outdoor Exposition, sponsored by the American Sportfishing Association.  This event is held once a year and draws throngs of crowds to check out the new gear, try on some outdoor apparel, learn some tips from pros and have a great time!

This expo is not solely dedicated to fishing.  Amongst the poles, lures, hooks, tackle boxes and bait, one can also find vendors for hunting, camping and general outdoor exploration equipment including vehicles, canoes, gps devices, etc. Whether you are young, old, male or female, you can definitely get in touch with your inner outdoors man or woman at a place like this.

Now while it might seem like this is a gathering of people bent on taking from the environment, it is important to note that these are people intent on protecting it as well.  I found and spoke with Environmental Police, animal trainers, game wardens, lots of people who were there not to sell, but to educate people on living with nature and how to enjoy it responsibly.

Click the picture below to get linked to my photos of the events and get a glimpse on what this event was like.

A few interested patrons check out some wares.

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