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Steve Garfield

Steve Garfield, video blogging guru and author of “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business”, recently made a great presentation to our Reinventing the News class on Monday.  In his talk he shared a few of his experiences with us over the years of his video work and also shared some advice on how to become a real video blog master.

Steve can be seen all over the video reporting community.  He has appeared on CNN’s iReportRocketboom (a citizen video reporting site), and even the BBC when he covered the 2009 Massachusetts Senate race, where he filmed not only the race on TV, but their dinner, his wife, everything that was going on in their lives.  BBC loved it and put it on their site.

One of the reason’s that Steve is so successful, he claims, is because he is always aware of what can make for a better story, even if not everything goes exactly to plan.  One great example is in his coverage of the new GM Volt, an electric motor car.

Steve told us that the first thing to do when getting into the video blogging community is to buy your name.  By this he means that you need to go and claim your name on the internet, for instance www.(yourname).com or to claim your name for yourself on Twitter, before someone else does.

Another piece of advice that he gave was to make your stories interesting.  Examples such as the car show lady show us that the most interesting videos come from work that stays original.  Don’t just sit in front of the camera and talk, use your mobility to explore your environment and get the whole picture.  Make sure to get video of the things you talk about in your piece to give viewers something visual to work with. And always be on the lookout for stories something’s always happening, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look for it.

Steve has come a long way since his 3am radio job. He is now a consultant for the likes of T.V. personality Jimmy Fallon and business power man David M. Scott.  Keep up the good work Steve, and thanks for stopping by.

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