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Got to have the faith.

If you’re like me, you’re probably not the most avid church go-ers (and I speak in generalities of course, and I’m using “church” to mean “religious service”, no matter the faith).

I mean, I do the occasional holiday attendance, with the family, but I’ve even been seeing myself even missing those sometimes.  And it seems like many of my piers are the same. I feel that our parents always tell stories of how they were forced to go to church every Sunday, never missing a beat, a tradition that many of parents have liberated their children from.

So is it true that people are not going to church anymore, and have they lost the faith? There seems to be some general consensus in thinking that people are not attending services.

Well seeing that Massachusetts is on the lower end of the states for religious service attendance in the U.S., I though this would be a perfect place to look into the matter. So I went over to St. Cecilia’s Church, off of  Belvidere St. in Boston (right by Berklee school of music), to do a little field work and see for myself right nearby.

A few St. Cecilia patrons do believe that things are not the way they used to be. One man, Kevin Finn, a 20 year patron and Brighton resident, believes that he has seen a decline in attendance.  He attributes this phenomena it on a disconnect between the Church hierarchy and the general population, and a sense by people that they aren’t feeling welcome in the community.

However, according to reports made a few years ago by university professors, the outlook isn’t really that bad.  In fact, church attendance has pretty much held strong at, give or take, 40% of Americans.

And the clergy also positive outlooks, such as Father John Unni of St. Cecilia.   While Father Unni admits that there is a consensus that young people are not attending service, he does not see that occur.  In fact, he sees the exact opposite, and says that their 6pm service is packed every Sunday with Northestern students, Berklee kids, people from Wentworth…the list goes on.

“We’ve never been stronger,” says Father Unni.

So it looks like the faith is not in a stranglehold, and people are finding community.  While it is not a majority of people, it is not a distressed minority, either.

And those that are not going to church?  Are they losing their faith? Not necessarily, according to Rebecca Tripp, an employee at the Church of Christ, Scientist on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston.  She says that most people tend to enjoy the comforts of all religions and faiths and try to simply build moral lives.

In fact, the Church of Christ Scientist is the home of the, Christian Science Monitor, a publication that comes in both magazine and print format, and uses their pages not to produce fire and brimstone, but to make people aware of global issues and show you how to live a healthy and stable life.  Heck, this institution even offers online masses, so you can enjoy service from the comfort of your home.

So it looks like faith is here to stay, and if not in the halls of synagogues and chapels, at least on our laptops.

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