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…it’s Grammy time.

So I don’t usually watch the Grammys, but I try to stay on top of whose winning what.  I can’t say I was surprised, but sometimes I think we need to think about the music that were putting at the top of our charts.

Taylor Swift won the biggest album of the year award.  Makes sense, can’t walk by a bar these days without hearing her voice emanating from it.  That must have been a bummer to Beyonce, she won 6 awards, but we know that everyone remembers who takes away the big one.  Oh well, at least we know who had the best video of all time.

Green Day took away the Best Rock album of the year.  Got to admit, I liked their old stuff better, like when they weren’t winning Grammys.  Maybe I’m just being nostalgic.  Or maybe Billie Joe Armstrong has just come a long way.  Oh yea, and Green Day is going to be on a Broadway show…wait, what?  Although, to be honest, I could always see the album American Idiot as being a saga of sorts.

Let’s see, what else.  Bruce Springsteen got an award for his Working on a Dream album; way to go Bruce.

Stephen Colbert got a Grammy! *As if he needs anymore of an     ego-booster:)*  He got it for best comedy album, but what else would he get it for, best rap album? (Maybe someday, not today).

Judas Priest made an appearance, winning an award for best metal performance.  I wonder if they’re still Breaking the Law these days.

I can’t say there was much else about the Grammys this year that was too much of a shock to me.  Although I did find out that Ziggy Marley has a children’s album.  I guess he would be considered the Raffi of the new generation.   

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