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Northeastern ‘Rocks Out for Haiti’

Northeastern recently held a benefit concert for the benefit of the Haiti earthquake victims at AfterHours on Thursday night, which was, in fact, Northeastern’s first Haiti fund raiser thus far.

Michaela D’Amico, a Northeastern senior and member of the NU group Net Impact, part of the Social Enterprise Institute (a social Entrepreneurship program), explains how the event got started:

“Basically we heard about the earthquake, and we’re all do-ers and asked ourselves ‘what can we do’.  So I called AfterHours and asked if they had any space…so they gave us Thursday.  This was last Friday.  Little did we know that usually plan a month or two for these kinds of fundraisers, but it’s emergency situation, y’know?

“So then we called the student planning office and they told us that Northeastern was not even running a fundraiser event thus far, which we thought was crazy.  So we figured that we would get as many groups as possible together and make it a University goal.”

She then proceeded to call her friends in the local Boston band Baylock, comprised of Chris Parry of NU, and Tim Crowley, Matt Kirby and John McLauglin, all of Umass Lowell.

“I also decided to call the band Mission Hill (who has a good following in the Boston area, who usually plays for about 100-150 people crowds), but didn’t expect them to do it.  I was excited to hear that they would come out.  And I also wasn’t worried about turnout at that point.”

Looks like the call to help Haiti is one that many are happy to respond to, and with good reason, too.


D’Amico says that their initial goal started out as $1000 dollars.  But last night’s performance drew in about $3500 dollars in raised funds, all going directly to the people of Haiti.  Mission Hill and Baylock also pledged to donate a portion of the CD sales that night to the relief of Haiti.

The final count of people who attended the benefit was about 555 attendees, a good turnout for a last minute event.

On a related note, if you are still interested in donating to Haiti but did not make it last night, check out this site.  It’s called Hope for Haiti, and is featuring artists like Wyclef Jean and celebrities like George Clooney and Andersen Cooper asking you for help for Haiti.

If you want to learn more about the bands, you can also check out Mission Hill’s website and Baylock’s Myspace page.

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